Proteomics and Beyond ...

We are the Omics lab in the north!
Our lab develops and applies tools to study the microbiome. 

The NorthOmics lab is integrating multiomics and multi-techniques to study the microbiome to improve human health.


RapidAIM is a high-throughput microbiome drug discovery technique based on metaproteomics and other omics.

iMetaLab Suite

iMetalab is a workflow with a complete series of bioinformatic tools for metaproteomic analysis

Our internal ecology
Leyuan is in the news: read the full story here: ...
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Welcome Haonan and Sara
Welcome new members on board, Haonan in the master program and Sara as lab tech.  ...
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Congrats to Xu Zhang!
Congrates to Xu's manuscript on Nature communication! Can you believe that over 31,000 protein lysine acetylations in the gut microbiome that are part of regulating the microbiome? Ref: Zhang X, Ning ...
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Exploris 480 is flying!
New workhorse of Exploris 480 with FAIMS is flying NorthOmics lab. This is going to boost our throughput and scale of metaproteomics analysis.  ...
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New publication selected as JASMS cover story
Congrates to Zikai's manuscript selected as the cover story on JASMS.  Timing is everything, and so it seems for drug effects on the microbiome. This manuscruipt in #JASMS demonstrated that #metformin ...
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Positions Available

If you have passions in proteomics, metaproteomics, multiomics, bionformatics in big data (data mining and machine learning), feel free to knock at the door of NorthOmics lab . Oppotunities include master, Ph,D student, postdoc, and bioinformatician.