Proteomics and Beyond ...

We are the Omics lab in the north!
Our lab develops and applies tools to study the microbiome. 

The NorthOmics lab is integrating multiomics and multi-techniques to study the microbiome to improve human health.


RapidAIM is a high-throughput microbiome drug discovery technique based on metaproteomics and other omics.

iMetaLab Suite

iMetalab is a workflow with a complete series of bioinformatic tools for metaproteomic analysis

Daniel Figeys winning 2021 CNPN-Tony Pawson Proteomics Award
Congratulations to Dr.  Daniel Figeys for winning 2021 CNPN Award Recipients news link About Dr. Daniel Figeys Daniel obtained a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in chemistry from the Université de Montréal ...
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New boxes in-place for the RapidAIM
Excited to have two large anaerobic workstations installed in the lab, ready for the large-scale screening! ...
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Virtual Christmas Party!
Northomics labs held a virtual Christmas Party to say goodbye to 2020. Lucky ones got microbiome T-shirts ...
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Another milestone IBD series by Dr. Xu Zhang
Can you believe 60K acetylated, and ~20K propionylated/succinylated gut microbial peptides!!!. The deeper we explore the closer we get to understand the #microbiome ...
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Congratulations to Dr. Leyuan Li
Congratulations to Dr. Leyuan Li for receiving the Faculty of Medicine Award of Excellence for Postdoctoral Studies for her outstanding work on the microbiome! ...
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Positions Available: Postdoc, bioinformatician, Ph.D student, technician

If you have passions in proteomics, metaproteomics, multiomics, bionformatics in big data (data mining and machine learning), feel free to knock the door of NorthOmics lab, please send your CV to .