From wet to dry, traditional biochemistry to high-throughout, research to development, you can always scrub in. 


We have been focusing on the data analysis of proteomic and metaproteomic data. Along with the publication, we would like to organize and share the codes with community. iMetalab a whole suite of tools with that purpose. We are working on machine learning on large datasets.

Technology Development

NorthOmics has a long history for proteomic technology development, from sample extraction, digestion, chip/reactor-based MS pre-MS handling, which have been used in glycosylation, acetylation as well as phosphorylation analysis. These technologies effectively increased the density and throughput of the analysis.


Though not long since joining in, we have been leading the metaproteomic identification and quantification, thanks to the optimization of sample preparation and development of bioinformatics tools, like Metalab. Now, quite a few projects have branched related to drug screenning, echology, immunology etc,

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

We also have projects related to PCSK9/PC7, circadian, IBD, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, aiming the molecular mechanisms.

Positions Available

If you have passions in proteomics, metaproteomics, multiomics, bionformatics in big data (data mining and machine learning), feel free to knock at the door of NorthOmics lab. Send email to dfigeys[AT] for job application