TTD: Therapeutic Target Database describing target druggability information

Target discovery is one of the essential steps in modern drug development, and the identification of promising targets is fundamental for developing first-in-class drug. A variety of methods have emerged for target assessment based on druggability analysis, which refers to the likelihood of a target being effectively modulated by drug-like agents. In the therapeutic target database (TTD), nine categories of established druggability characteristics were thus collected for 426 successful, 1014 clinical trial, 212 preclinical/patented, and 1479 literature-reported targets via systematic review. These characteristic categories were classified into three distinct perspectives: molecular interaction/regulationhuman system profile and cell-based expression variation. With the rapid progression of technology and concerted effort in drug discovery, TTD and other databases were highly expected to facilitate the explorations of druggability characteristics for the discovery and validation of innovative drug target. TTD is now freely accessible at: