2018-2021 Ehime University, Doctor of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2016-2018 Ehime University, Civil and Environmental Engineering

J2014-2016 De LA Salley University, Master of Science, Biology

Previous Publications

Li L, Wang T, Ning Z, Zhang X, Butcher J, Serrana JM, Simopoulos CMA, Mayne J, Stintzi A, Mack DR, Liu YY and Figeys D. Revealing proteome-level functional redundancy in the human gut microbiome using ultra-deep metaproteomics. (2023) Nat Commun. 14, 3428 Pubmed Nat Commun PMC Article
Cheng K, Ning Z, Li L, Zhang X, Serrana JM, Mayne J and Figeys D. MetaLab-MAG: A Metaproteomic Data Analysis Platform for Genome-Level Characterization of Microbiomes from the Metagenome-Assembled Genomes Database. (2023) J Proteome Res. 22, 387-398 Pubmed J Proteome Res PMC Article
Gamboa M, Serrana J, Takemon Y, Monaghan MT and Watanabe K. Spatial and phylogenetic structure of Alpine stonefly assemblages across seven habitats using DNA-species. (2023) Oecologia. 201, 513-524 Pubmed Oecologia
Serrana JM and Watanabe K. Sediment-associated microbial community profiling: sample pre-processing through sequential membrane filtration for 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing. (2022) BMC Microbiol. 22, 33 Pubmed BMC Microbiol PMC Article
Serrana JM, Ishitani N, Carvajal TM, Almarinez BJM, Barrion AT, Amalin DM and Watanabe K. Unraveling the Genetic Structure of the Coconut Scale Insect Pest ( Reyne) Outbreak Populations in the Philippines. (2019) Insects. 10, Pubmed Insects PMC Article
Rachmadi AT, Kitajima M, Watanabe K, Yaegashi S, Serrana J, Nakamura A, Nakagomi T, Nakagomi O, Katayama K, Okabe S and Sano D. Free-Chlorine Disinfection as a Selection Pressure on Norovirus. (2018) Appl Environ Microbiol. 84, Pubmed Appl Environ Microbiol PMC Article
Serrana JM, Yaegashi S, Kondoh S, Li B, Robinson CT and Watanabe K. Ecological influence of sediment bypass tunnels on macroinvertebrates in dam-fragmented rivers by DNA metabarcoding. (2018) Sci Rep. 8, 10185 Pubmed Sci Rep PMC Article
Serrana JM and Watanabe K. Haplotype-level metabarcoding of freshwater macroinvertebrate species: A prospective tool for population genetic analysis. (2023) PLoS One. 18, e0289056 Pubmed PLoS One PMC Article